10 Reasons To Rejoice No Matter What

  1.  Whatever the circumstance (your marriage, your kids, your finances, your job, your weight, your health), it is not the defining factor of your life.  Life may feel like it is all hinging around this one thing right now, but it isn’t. Your life is bigger and more than that.
  2. The circumstance you believe is causing you negative feelings is not.  What is causing you unwanted feelings is what you are making it mean. And what you are making it mean is totally optional.
  3. You don’t have to point a finger and be upset with somebody else (or yourself!) because you are hurting.  Weeds, thorns, and hardships are part of being human. You are no more flawed than anybody else. Your heartache just means you have a healthy human brain, live in a fallen world and still need a Savior and redeemer who is right there waiting for you.
  4. You can own your thoughts about your situation (and you should), but you don’t have to beat yourself up or live in shame.  Stop doing that. It’s not a surprise you aren’t flawless or fall short.
  5. At the end of yourself is where you can find the greatest treasure yet.  It is the most intimate relationship with the Great I am. He is your Creator. He is all-powerful.  He is your good loving Father. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is faithful, kind and everlasting.  (If this sounds lofty and untouchable, how you get in touch with all of that amazingness is turning toward him at the point you are at RIGHT NOW, which may be feeling broken, inadequate, powerless, ugly, resentful, angry, depressed. This place of lack is where you discover his abundance.)
  6. God wants to keep engaging with you. Pain, hurt, and sadness can always be gift bearing.  They are the bridge to greater riches spiritually. What we do in our circumstances can develop character and hope.  It is in our “not enough” and in our “I dropped the ball” that we discover the glorious richness of grace, love, joy unspeakable, and peace that passes understanding.
  7. The weeds and thorns do not hold the power of death. We feel like they do sometimes, but they are harmless.
  8. The Holy Spirit living in you will quicken your body and energize you. He is there and working always. Nothing in your life is wasted.
  9. New thoughts are available to you.  You can practice believing new things and taking your thoughts captive.  Choosing to believe things like “My circumstance are insignificant compared to God’s surpassing greatness” will deepen your faith. God’s Word is alive and active.  It will both transform your mind and renew your heart. The Bible is full of stories of faith and new thoughts.
  10. A life of believing is like no other. When you step into relationship and faith, you will always find evidence of His love and power. No matter what, you can consider it pure joy because He has overcome and so have you.