You are always creating things in your life, either with intention or by default.

This includes the flavor of your relationships.

To create a marriage you love on purpose, here are 3 steps:

1. Ask yourself what you want to FEEL about your man and your relationship (pick ONE feeling word).

2. Now try on thoughts (similar to trying on jeans) until you identify a thought that creates that feeling. You don’t have to believe that thought yet, but you must believe that it is possible to think that thought. (like don’t think pigs can fly because you know you won’t EVER believe that thought because it could never be true).

3. Take action in your marriage from that feeling.

For me, because I like order, it’s easy to get caught up in the pile of pants on the closet floor or the trunk full of junk in Rich’s car.

I think, that stuff should NOT be there!!! (notice 3 exclamation marks). That makes me feel annoyed (That junk should totally should be there by the way).

It’s not fun to feel annoyed. You don’t show up very loving from that place.

So, because I don’t like where annoyed takes me, I have been working on feeling more THANKFUL in my relationship. I have tried on several thoughts that might create this feeling and the one that fit like a glove is “So many people would love to be married to my strong sweet man, but he is mine.”

This totally makes me feel THANKFUL so I know it is the right thought. I am sold!

From this feeling of THANKFUL I take action in my relationship.

My actions fueled by THANKFUL get such better results than the actions that came from my previous feeling of ANNOYED.

So what is a feeling that has not been working for you in your relationship? What would you like to feel instead?

When you practice thoughts that create that feeling, you are on the road to creating the Happy Marriage you dream of.

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