If you have a relationship problem, I have a fix!  It is 4 very simple and power packed commitments.  The key is in being intentional and doing the brain and emotional work you will encounter when you truly commit to these 4 actions.

1.  Commit to Love.  Your only job is to LOVE your man.  He was given to you to love.  How do you love?  Simple. Love just loves.

2. Give Up the Need to Be Right.  You don’t have to be wrong, but when you quit having to be RIGHT, you create a space that is open and loving.  Offenders like the 4 Horsemen cannot exist in this space and you will be less likely to gridlock

3.  Stop Trying to Control Your Husband.  Adults get to do what adults want to do. We know this is true, because that is what is happening!  Whether you “allow” your man to behave in a certain way or not, he will do what he wants to do.  If I could tell you how to change him to make you happy, I would.  But it’s not possible.

4.  Take 100% Responsibility for Your Relationship. It may not be fair, but if you want to be happily married, it’s the way to go!

When you master these 4 Fixes you will be blissfully married. Yes, you will still have unsolvable problems, because you are two humans with your own dreams and preferences, but they won’t be a big deal.

Get busy working on you. Settle into your journey of becoming a happy wife and you won’t have time to worry about where your man is falling short!