The 6 Week Marriage Makeover

(For Wives Only)

In 6 weeks or less, you can have a fresh new marriage without getting a new husband.

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Whether you just want to upscale your marriage or begin a complete makeover, change is totally possible.

You are capable of loving your marriage, your man and your life.  

I can help you fall in love again.

I’ll show you how to quit being disappointed in your relationship and start having fun.

I have studied the art and science of why some people are happily married and others are not. I know how to help you create change and move beyond just reading articles and marriage self help books.

80% of change happens when you actually start incorporating knowledge and applying it on a deeper level.

My program helps you do that.

So many women tell me:

  • We don't communicate well.
  • I don't know if I am in love anymore.
  • My marriage is boring.
  • We are separate lives living under the same roof.
  • We have no shared interests.
  • We are so different.
  • If he would change, things would be better.

If this is you, I totally get it.

The 6 Week Marriage Makeover is for you if:

  • You want to be happy in your marriage, have fun and quit being so disappointed.
  • You want to feel loved AND loving.
  • You want to feel powerful and influential.
  • You want your thoughts and feelings to matter.
  • You are ready for change and "as is" is no longer an option.

Here is what you get:

  • Courses released throughout the program and available to watch at your convenience.
  • A workbook (who doesn't love getting something in the mail?!) with 6 weeks of daily application, worksheets, and optional challenges.
  • Weekly live zoom calls (you don't have to be local or leave your house). You can volunteer to be coached or learn from others. Recording available if you missed actual call.

Are you ready to take your marriage to a new level? Are you done with "As Is?"

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​What My Client's Are Saying:​

"I am so glad that I participated in the 6 week marriage makeover with Jill! I am so much more empowered in my relationship with my husband. He has never been willing to engage in counseling, or even discussion about our marriage, outside of arguments. I thought that if he didn’t change, there was very little more I could change to improve our 25 year marriage. What we have is what I can expect for the rest of my life. Happily, I was wrong! I’m so excited about the changes that have already occurred, and know it’s only the beginning. Thank you, Jill!
Participant The 6 Week Makeover, May 2019
"I have been married 49 years and hope to never stop learning how to be a better and happier wife. The tools in the workbook are invaluable and can be used in areas of life besides your marriage relationship. As I am happier, my husband is also. We get along better and I have more respect for him as an individual who is free to make his own choices. He IS a good-hearted man! I am reminded to keep that in mind as we deal with life’s stresses."
Participant The 6 Week Makeover, May 2019
"I highly recommend the 6 Week Marriage Makeover if you need a reset in your marriage. The community calls where we could get coached and be a part of others getting coached was powerful and encouraging. Jill has a way of using visuals and fun stories to teach the topic of the week in her videos that I’ll remember forever."
Kansas City Wife
Participant The 6 Week Makeover, May 2019
"I highly recommend this course to any wife, no matter whether your marriage is going well or is in a challenging state. Jill has put so much time into designing the course book and videos and is there every step of the way to guide you through it! Her strategy is effective for any size problem, and can be helpful in other areas of life beyond marriage. This course was helpful for me to identify ways I can connect with my husband after feeling like much of our time and energy goes toward our children."
Participant The 6 Week Makeover, May 2019
"I got so much from Jill’s videos! Very right on and easy to follow. The workbook is well done and organized. I’m very glad I took advantage of the course. In coaching, we focused on a problem I’ve dealt with all our married life and it was helpful and eye opening."
Participant The 6 Week Makeover, May 2019
" I was in a pretty low place when we started. Working with Jill and doing the 6 Week Marriage Makeover has led me to the happiest & healthiest version of myself. Beyond grateful for the lessons, the tools and the help. I have so much more room in my mind and heart to be who God made me, in His image, which is LOVE."
Coaching Client and Participant in The 6 Week Marriage Makeover

If you don't complete The 6 Week Marriage Makeover feeling empowered, I will happily refund you.