I have never met a person who did not need to do some brain and emotional work in their relationship.  We all do in order to create a marriage that is thriving. Especially when we have no control over the other person and how they decide to show up.

When I coach my clients, nothing matters if they don’t do the work. If they don’t manage their minds, they struggle to sustain actions.  They lose commitment.

Like anything worth anything, marriage is built on a heap of disappointments and wins.  For this reason, many people aren’t good at building relationships. Their tolerance for discomfort and failure is low. 

To succeed, we must be willing to fall and get back up.  We have to change what we are making failure and disappointment mean.

As you step outside of your comfort zone and try a new approach, expect that it might not go as you planned.  When you try some of the things I am teaching you, you may feel frustrated and even angry.  Plan on that discomfort.

Your ability to get past your disappointments will determine your growth.  Wins come at the same speed  you keep taking action despite failure.

When I see someone who struggles over and over again in their relationship, without exception it is because they quit taking the new and next action.  They made disappointment mean defeat and they quit trying.

A Happy Marriage is yours.  Own it.  Just keep believing.  Stay committed.  Take action.