About Me

I want to help you be The Happiest Wife. It won't require a husband-change. I promise.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach, I have spent thousands of hours working with couples for nearly 20 years.

Certified with the world-renowned Gottman Institute, I have completed, hands down, the best training for couples treatment.

Bringing science and cutting-edge knowledge to my study of relationships and the brain, I am always looking for ways to serve my clients better.

On a heart level, I have been a follower of Christ and an avid student of Scripture starting in elementary school.

Born Catholic, raised in The Assemblies of God and trained at Covenant Theological Seminary (Reformed Preysbetrian), I have an appreciation for how faith and Jesus can transform a life.

I am a wife and a momma.

I love my man as is and I don’t try to change him.

I focus on managing my inner world (believe me, that is a full-time job).

I show up in my relationship to simply love.

Marriage has the capacity to bring out your best and worst. The question is, are you willing to look at your worst? Are you willing
to do the heart work?

If you have been wanting more, are tired of “as is” and want to make your life and marriage fun again, I am ready to help you!

I love working with all people–believers as well as non-believers.

However, it is especially powerful when clients invite the Lord into the process of healing.

Your greatest identity is in being a child of the King of kings.

Knowing who and whose you are, allows you to love with freedom, expressing faith from a place of prolific love.

Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we feel hurt, sad, tired and powerless in our marriage.

We try so hard to press on and be positive we resist these unwanted emotions, and before we know it we are totally disconnected from our own heart and life.

I can help.

I have helped couples and individuals just like you move to a place of greater joy and peace with themselves and their spouses.

Four Ways to Work With Me

I would love to work with you, empowering you to be one amazing and dearly loved wife. What are you waiting for?

Considering it Pure Joy,

Jill M. Lillard, MA LPC