It’s hard to talk about relationships without getting into emotion.

Emotion is at the heart of relationship. It is at the heart of adventure, conflict and passion.

The worst thing that can happen to you is an emotion.  Think about it.

It doesn’t get worse than feeling something.

Emotions are simply vibrations in your body.  They are caused by thoughts.  That is it.

And yet, many of us are terrified of feeling .

What if you weren’t?  What if you wanted the full human experience and wanted to feel ALL the feels?

What if feeling something were interesting and non-threatening? What if you were willing to feel ANY feeling?  You were willing because you knew it didn’t have power over you.  You knew it was harmless.

If you are willing,  there would be nothing to fear.  If you were willing it wouldn’t be powerful.

Learn to look at your feelings.  Be able to describe them.  Name them. 

When you can, they no longer rule you.  When you can name them, you can contain them. You can allow them.  Experience them. 

And when we can allow our emotions and manage them, we will do a much better job managing our relationships.