Yesterday I gave you 4 Quick Tips on how to fix any problem in your relationship. Today, let’s talk about the first tip, Commit to Love.

Committing to love is  pretty straight forward. Not a lot of complicated pieces. 

If you wonder how you do it, it’s simple.

You just LOVE.

God said it is not good for man to be alone and He gave Adam a woman he named Eve.  She was given to him as a partner. You are given to your man.  He is yours to love. 

That’s it. 

I Corinthian 13 tells us what love is (you should definitely read it!) I will tell you what it is NOT.

Love is not people pleasing.  As Christians, we do not live to please others or gain their approval.  Rather, we live to please God.  In all we do, we do it unto Jesus.  We do not please our husband to gain his favor.    We don’t even love our husband for his sake or because he does or does not deserve it.  We love and reap the benefits of loving regardless of how our husband responds to our love.

Love is not burdensome.  It does not come from a place of insecurity, lack or fear.   Think about it: God is Love. When we know that and that His Love fills us and that our job is not to earn God’s love or acceptance, it changes how we show up.  We have been given love in abundance. We have not earned it. We simply receive it and allow it to overflow from us.

Love is not manipulative.  We don’t do loving things to evoke a certain response out of someone so we can feel a certain way based on their response.  Love does not give to get something from another person.

Love feels amazing.  It definitely feels better than disappointment or frustration, and yet we so often choose the later starting in our thought life.

Love because you can. Love because it is freeing. Love because Jesus has loved you.  Love others unto Your Creator/Lover of Your Soul, not to earn God’s love but because you already have it.