The reason we stay in a marital rut is simple. It is because we repeat the efforts that are getting us our current experience.

The reason we keep repeating those efforts  is because of  how we feel.

And because of a sentence in our mind, we feel the way we do.

When we DO take action to get out of the rut, it is because of a new result we want to have.

We think we want something new and believe we can create it.

That thought creates a feeling which then drives our action or inaction.

If you are unhappy in your marriage or life and not taking action, it’s because of your current thought. 

Stop right now and find that thought.  What is it?

Now, what feeling is that thought causing?

You want to think your husband is causing that feeling, but it’s not true.

How you feel is ultimately determined by what you choose to think.

So how do you get unstuck? 

You change your thoughts.

You cannot change your thoughts if you are not even aware of what you are thinking.  And until you start paying attention, your thoughts will unintentionally run the show. 

Would you give a toddler a knife and let him run around the living room while you went to work?

Of course not!

Yet, that is what we do with our thoughts when we don’t manage them. Unintentional thinking starts running the show and then we act like we have no choice but to feel the way we are feeling. 

What do you want to feel? What would you need to feel to take action?  That feeling is yours. 

There are so many thoughts available to you. You get to manage the thoughts running around in your mind. 

Find the thought that creates the wanted feeling that leads to the desired action and that my friend is how you get out of a marital rut.