The flesh is dying.  It is selfish. It is prideful.  It experiences pain. Its moments are fleeting.

The redeemed spirit is eternal.  It is selfless.  It is kind and full of compassion.  It does not age or struggle.

When we receive Christ we become NEW creations.  The old dies. His spirit fills us and not only changes our destiny, but His spirit has power to quicken our bodies.

Though we have been made new in Christ we still live in dying physical bodies, so we find our-self in the middle, in the “already but not yet.”  We remain in this  fallen world  between two bookends of perfection: Eden and Heaven.

When we see evidence of our flesh we might become disheartened, frozen in shame, overwhelm or despair.  And yet “frozen in shame” contradicts the very gospel.  Shame focuses on our imperfection, our failure and leaves us stuck. 

Redemption tells us that we are imperfect and not good enough. We cannot make our-self righteous. Our works cannot redeem us. 

It tells us we need HIM.  It tells us the very sin and falling short in our life is the bridge to wholeness.

Paul asks, “Why do I do what I don’t want to do? What a wretched man am I!”  And furthermore he goes on to say, “It is not I who does it.  It is SIN living in me.”

So these two paradigms get to exist side by side: Flesh and Spirit.

The flesh is not who we are.  Sin is not who we are. 

The Spirit is our new identity. 

You get to choose which one you will feed.  Which one you will starve? Which one will grow bigger? Which one will dominate your days?

False pleasure makes big promises, but does not deliver. 

The flesh within us throws hissy fits and selfishly wants its way.

We experience sadness, pain and sorrow.

And yet we can rise up as we feed the spirit.  We can experience freedom, true joy and peace, even as our flesh feels pain. 

Rise up my sisters.  Take hope.  Have courage. 

Your spirit and flesh get to exist side by side. You get to decide day by day which one you will nurture and which one you will let starve.

​Victory, peace and is always yours.