Have you ever “loved” from a place of lack?  If so, the result is probably feeling depleted, exhausted, maybe even bitter or resentful.  It is hard to give what we don’t have.  We don’t accomplish what we intended when we give from a place of not having.

Now imagine you have been given all these things in abundance:

  • Encouragement
  • Comfort
  • Partnership
  • Tenderness
  • Compassion

When we give from a place of having more than enough,  the result of giving is having more than we gave away. Our giving produces good feelings, multiplying as it goes forth.

Maybe you believe your partner does not give you the encouragement, tenderness and compassion you desire.  However, what if you already had all that you needed and did not look to your husband to supply this need?

If you are a believer, you have been given love, comfort and partnership in ample supply.  You have a full tank at your disposal.  You have more than enough.

What if the real problem is that you were tapping into the wrong supply line?

As the daughter of The King you have a power supply from :

The one who owns the cattle on the hills

The one who created man out of dust

The one who perfectly knit you together in your mother’s womb

The one who has assigned you your portion and your cup

The one who secures your lot

His provision is:




He has united us with Him and gives us encouragement, comfort, common sharing in the Spirit, tenderness, and compassion (Philippians 2).  Because of this abundant reserve, we can be like-minded having the same spirit of love.  Because of what he gave us, we can:

  • Love our husband
  • Look to the interests of our husband
  • Humbly value our husband as our-self

We don’t love out of fear in an effort to gain favor. We don’t do “loving things” compelled by guilt because “we should”.  We don’t love from a place of lack.

We love with no strings attached. 

We love because Christ first loved us and does so in abundance (He was willing to die for us). When we tap into this truth, our love flows gently and liberally.