You get to think about your husband however you want.  And no one can stop you.

Some of your thoughts serve you, and others don’t feel so great.

I like to think of trying on a thought as putting on a new outfit.

Have you ever had some pants that don’t fit quite right?  Maybe they are too tight or maybe they sag. 

But you keep wearing them.

Until you realize YOU DON”T HAVE TO. 

You can get new jeans. 

There are some jeans out there for sure that would fit you better.

And when you get that pair of jeans that fit just right, the benefits have a ripple effect.

Not only is the waistline more comfortable, but you enjoy other things in your day more because your jeans feel more congruent to you.  You are thinking about other things, not constantly hiking up your saggy jeans.

It’s the same way with thoughts. 

Why are you choosing your current thought? Is it serving you?  What are some other thoughts you could try on? How does the new thought feel?

You may hate clothes shopping or you may love it.  Thought shopping may be similar for you. 

Whether you love or allow the process, when you create a new thought that serves you, you will be glad you took the time to find it.