If you can feel any emotion you wanted to in your marriage TODAY what would it be?

There are so many incredible feelings available to us that we can choose.

And yet, so often we choose bitterness, resentment, annoyed, or angry.

We have good reason.

He is acting stupid.

He never helps me.

He is always telling me what to do.

This is no fun.

Yet, the thing is, when we choose a thought that creates an unwanted feeling, we ONLY HURT OURSELVES.

Resentment and bitterness strangle the person having the feeling.  They choke you.  You quit thriving.

Anger and hurt drain. They steal. They don’t produce great results.

The person these feelings hurt is the person feeling them. Not the person being hated.

You can choose to feed any thought or feeling you want in your relationship, so why not choose love?

Love never fails.  It’s always a win. Love feels good.

You may think you are withholding love from another person, but really you are holding out on yourself. 

We can love someone no matter what. 

Even if they do not love us back. 

When we love someone, we get to experience that feeling.  The other person gets to experience their own feelings.

When you hate someone, that is an experience you are creating for yourself.  You experience it alone. 

What if you just loved on purpose?  Regardless if someone deserves it or wants your love? 

Love never fails.