If wanting so much from our husbands and our marriages we lose our sense of humor and good nature, then let us give it up.

Sometimes we need to try in a way that it does not all depend on us.  What our husband does and doesn’t do is a heavy load to bear! What if you gave up trying to change him and focused on changing you?

But you don’t know my husband.  He should not be acting this way.  He is wrong,

What if you gave up being right, examined all the ways you are wrong, and set loving boundaries if need be?

Boundaries are things YOU do when someone else behaves in a certain way.  It is different than setting an ultimatum. It does not focus on changing the other person. It actually allows the person to be who they are and do what they do, but it focuses on  what you will do.

This boundary comes from a place of love and respect.  It is kind. It isn’t haughty or right.

The work we must do is one of allowing others free will and exercising our free will.

When we let go of wanting to control another human being or think we know how they should best behave, we set our-self and our marriage free. We free up energy. We free up life.

When we give up without throwing in the towel, we start to try in a way that it does not all depend on us.  We tap into all the love that we already have as daughters of The KING.  Knowing we have all we need, we simply love.