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Keep Your Husband. Change Your Marriage

Are you disappointed in your relationship?

Do you sometimes feel like two separate lives living under the same roof?

Maybe you feel stuck in emotional pain.

Or maybe you just want to be that carefree fun wife again.

I can help you level-up your relationship.

I will show you how to shift your energy from exhausted to empowered.

Working with me, you will move beyond hearing ideas and consuming information to making it very personal and applying it.

I will show you how to feel more loved and loving.

You will be introduced to my favorite tool in 20 years of therapy.

This tool will help you implement Gottman’s 7 Principles for Making a Marriage Work.

There are 3 Ways to Work with me:

(either in person or via ZOOM online conferencing)

The 6 Week Marriage Makeover (for wives only)

Make your marriage a priority without waiting for your husband to change. If you like a structured course complete with a workbook and LIVE online coaching calls with other women across the country, this is for you. You will benefit from watching others get coached, getting coached yourself and taking your work deeper as you work through each lesson. You will get the comradery of other wives in a small group that is authentic (but not husband bashing).

Individual Coaching

If you would like to work one-on-one, sign up for your free 15- minute mini-session where I will show you your “Before & After”. This is a great way to see if coaching is a good fit for you without any obligation (I will let you know how we can work together!) The mini-makeover in and of itself may give you enough insight to put you on the right course.

Couples Therapy

If your husband wants to work on the relationship as much as you do, get started with your Gottman Couples Assessment where you will get feedback on your relationship as well as recommendations and a customized plan. I can meet you and your husband in person or via the ZOOM conferencing app.

What is more valuable than your mental/emotional health and your marriage?


My clients are some of the most proactive, courageous and intentional people I know. They want to live their lives purposefully and not as though it were just happening to them.

Are you one of those people? Are you willing to invest in what most people tell me matters most of all?

Here is a letter from one of my clients who values her capacity to make a difference in her own life


I just want you to know that my life is immeasurably blessed because of the skills you taught me. I will continue to remember that my feelings and behavior all stem from my thoughts and I can control my thoughts.

I’ll always keep trying to push into the thorn and address the pain head-on instead of painfully avoiding it indefinitely.

I will always remember the Bible story about God sending the soldiers into an impossible battle only for them to find that the battle had been won before they even arrived at their destination.

And I will keep stretching myself to turn towards instead of away from people in my life, especially (my husband).

You’ve made me acutely aware of how I identified myself and that my identity wasn’t being a victim or a woman scorned… But my identity is as a child of God who loves me more than I ever knew. You have helped me see His faithfulness over my life.

With tears, I remember walking into your office for the first time and you crying and praying with me. A total stranger. How could I have known the impact that you would have on me?

When my life fell apart over the course of a few months you helped me find strength in the dark places. I could never fully explain to you what you did for me.

Kishia Harms

And this is what Courtney said

When my life became seemingly hopeless, confused, consumed with guilt and denial, Jill provided the objectivity and clarity to allow me to find what seemed lost in a debilitating fog and toxic influences. She helped me to separate the wheat from the chaff. She is a gift.

Courtney Malone

If you have put off investing in yourself and your marriage, it's time to move from consuming information to making a change.

Get started today!