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Keep Your Husband. Change Your Marriage

Are you disappointed in your relationship?

Do you sometimes feel like two separate lives living under the same roof?

Maybe you feel stuck in emotional pain.

Or maybe you just want to be that carefree fun wife again.

I can help you level-up your relationship.

I will show you how to shift your energy from exhausted to empowered.

Working with me, you will move beyond hearing ideas and consuming information to making it very personal and applying it.

I will show you how to feel more loved and loving.

You will be introduced to my favorite tool in 20 years of therapy.

This tool will help you implement Gottman’s 7 Principles for Making a Marriage Work.

There are 3 Ways to Work with me:

(either in person or via ZOOM online conferencing)


Make your marriage a priority without waiting for your husband to change. If you like growth through reading and videos in short increments, this is for you.

The workshops are not about consuming more information, rather about the application.  Each lesson has coaching questions to help you take the work deep and apply it.  You can pace yourself by allotting the amount of time you choose each day. (Recommend 20 minutes a day). 

My Three Pillar Workshops (The Happy Marriage Mindset, Connection Cure, and The 6 Week Marriage Makeover)  lay the foundation that every wife needs in order to experience a life that is powerful, loving, and secure.

Individual Coaching

Though my Self-paced Vault is the most cost-effective way to create powerful changes in your marriage, there is such a benefit of working with a seasoned and well-trained coach. Whether working on your marriage or another area of your life, the work we do together will be life-changing. 

Sign up for your free 15- minute phone conversation where I will show you your “Before & After”. This is a great way to see if coaching is a good fit for you without any obligation (I will let you know how we can work together!) 

Couples Therapy

If your husband wants to work on the relationship as much as you do, get started with your Gottman Couples Assessment where you will get feedback on your relationship as well as recommendations and a customized plan. I can meet you and your husband in person or via the ZOOM conferencing app.

A Couples Assessment includes:

  • Online individual assessments through the Gottman Institute where you will be able to give me a ton of information in a short time
  • Up to a 3-hour face to face interview (1 hour together and 2 hours individually)
  • Feedback session where I will give you  a customized plan and feedback about your marriage.

What is more valuable than your mental/emotional health and your marriage?


My clients are some of the most proactive, courageous and intentional people I know. They want to live their lives purposefully and not as though it were just happening to them.

Are you one of those people? Are you willing to invest in what most people tell me matters most of all?

My Clients Testimonials:

“Words cannot express how enormously grateful I am for the help Jill has given me.  She is amazing and powerful and generous to give.  For the patience and spirit of God at work in her, I am in awe.  I  have come so far in my heart though I know there is still work to do.   I am so hopeful and abiding more in joy than ever before. It’s difficult to adequately express my gratitude to and for the work I have done coaching with Jill” 

-Kris Crawford, Coaching Client

Kris Crawford

This is what Kisha said:

How could I have known the impact that Jill would have on me, helping me find strength in the dark places? My life is immeasurably blessed because of the skills Jill taught me. Jill has made me acutely aware of how I identified myself and that my identity wasn’t being a victim or a woman scorned… But my identity is as a child of God who loves me more than I ever knew. She helped me see His faithfulness over my life.

-Kisha Brown, Coaching Client

Kisha Brown

this is what Courtney said:

When my life became seemingly hopeless, confused, consumed with guilt and denial, Jill provided the objectivity and clarity to allow me to find what seemed lost in a debilitating fog and toxic influences. She helped me to separate the wheat from the chaff. She is a gift.

-Courtney Malone, Coaching Client


Courtney Malone

this is what Angela said:

“I am so glad that I participated in the 6-week marriage makeover with Jill!  I am so much more empowered in my relationship with my husband.  He has never been willing to engage in counseling, or even discussion about our marriage, outside of arguments.  I thought that if he didn’t change, there was very little more I could change to improve our 25-year marriage.  What we have is what I can expect for the rest of my life.  Happily, I was wrong!  I’m so excited about the changes that have already occurred and know it’s only the beginning.  Thank you, Jill!”

-Angela, Participant The 6 Week Makeover, May 2019


this is what Kathy said:

“I have been married 49 years and hope to never stop learning how to be a better and happier wife. The tools in the workbook are invaluable and can be used in areas of life besides your marriage relationship.  As I am happier, my husband is also. We get along better and I have more respect for him as an individual who is free to make his own choices. He IS a good-hearted man! I am reminded to keep that in mind as we deal with life’s stresses.” 

-Kathy, Participant The 6 Week Marriage Makeover May 2019


this is what Tracy said:

“I highly recommend the 6 Week Marriage Makeover if you need a reset in your marriage. Jill has a way of using visuals and fun stories to teach the topic of the week in her videos that I’ll remember forever.”

-Tracy Hoth, Participant The 6 Week Marriage Makeover, May 2019

Tracy Hoth

If you have put off investing in yourself and your marriage, it's time to move from consuming information to making a change.

Get started today!