Who doesn’t want to feel secure?

To know that everything is going to be okay and that you have all you need?

Sister, that security you long for…it is totally yours.

As a believer, the essence, the core of who you are is ALWAYS safe.  You are always provided for in abundance.

What in your mind do you value most? What consumes your energy and your time? Where is your hope?

What you feed in your heart is what grows within you.  Where your treasure is, there is your heart.

What thoughts and feelings are you feeding?  Is appeasing your flesh your priority or do you fuel the spirit residing inside of you?

When our treasure and heart are on things above, we experience the full joy of our salvation and what Christ has done for us.  We position ourselves to receive.

In this place, moths cannot destroy. Thieves cannot steal.   Waters cannot drown.  Pests cannot devour. Fire cannot consume.  Man cannot harm. 

Nothing and no one can rob you of your inheritance.  You are the daughter of a king. That is your identity.  It’s who you are. 


You are loved.  You are chosen. God has plans for you.  He sees you.  He longs to prosper you and not to harm you.

When we know this is true, we can relax.  We can live in peace and joy.  We can love from a place of abundance.

Stay close to your Good Father.  Focus on Him. Ask him for wisdom and He will show you what to do. 

Man and circumstances may be unreliable, wavering and disappointing, but you have a constant, steady and reliable foundation. Sometimes we just lose sight of that.