When you get married, you are creating a culture that never existed before. 

All the time couples tell me how their relationship does not match up with how their family of origin did things, as though that were the right way. 

My father always helped with the housework.

My mother always cooked family dinner.

My parents always got along.

When we go into our marriage expecting the relationship to follow the blueprint we have adopted in our mind, then we are putting unrealistic expectations on the other person.  It is as if we have a manual of how the other person should behave and when they don’t follow the manual, we are disappointed as though they did something wrong.

When we quit resisting the other person or trying to impose our blueprint when that is not what they want, we open ourselves up to create something unique and beautiful that is just ours.

When you get married you are bringing 2 different cultures together and creating a culture that never existed before.  It is a culture unique to your family.  Together you form that culture whether you do it intentionally or by default.