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The Art and Science of Love + Biblical Insight + Cognitive Behavioral Techniques = Ridiculously Enjoyable Relationships

As a seasoned Marriage Therapist and Life Coach, I empower Christian wives and husbands to feel loved, loving and enjoy their relationships. I notice a lot of couples get fixated on what they don’t like in their spouse. They even turn away and deal with things on their own. Life gets busy and sometimes marriage gets lost in the shuffle. Maybe you relate. Like me, don’t you want to:

Sometimes we can fall into blame, shame, despair, and hiding. In our effort to be right, we lose connection. Or maybe we expect our spouse to fulfill the needs he was never intended to meet.

I have facilitated nearly 10,000 hours of couples therapy. My marriage and my clients have been my best teachers. I have done the hard work I ask you to do.

Using the study of the brain and relationship science, I will give you practical tools and techniques to improve not only your marriage mindset but your confidence, mental, and emotional health.

Marriage is your best teacher. If you let it, this relationship will be a catalyst that deepens your faith and makes you a better person.

The work isn’t always easy, but what is your alternative?

If you’re in, I am ready.